Friday, May 18, 2007

Great Advice, No Fear

Professor and author, Scot McKnight, has some excellent counsel for those writers who start a blog to accompany a book they've written. You can view it here. I find his counsel very wise and appreciate his perspective. His post immediately challenged me as to the motives of this blog. Upon reflection I can say, "Great advice, no fear." I must admit that writing a book on marriage did inspire me to start blogging on marriage. However, my goal for the blog is not to promote or market the book (though that's not necessarily a bad goal in itself if the message is good). My goal in starting The Profound Mystery is to provide further reflection on marriage from a Christian Hedonist, gospel-centered perspective. Marriage is forever fresh because new people are constantly entering into it. The gospel is forever relevant because people will never grow beyond their need for it. This blog is about those two threads being knit together. So there will be a value in a blog from a Christian Hedonist, gospel-centered perspective of marriage long after The Pursuit of Pleasure in the Pleasure of Another is gathering dust.

It is my goal to pepper my posts with issues derived directly from the The Pursuit of Pleasure, but my greater goal is to move beyond it. It is my goal to tease out some concepts in the book, but my greater goal is to move toward providing a forum for everyday Christians to discuss their marriages from a Christ-saturated focus.

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