Monday, July 23, 2007

"Let Us Burst Their Bonds Apart"

Albert Mohler has a great blog where he comments on the current trends of our culture, and how they relate to a biblical worldview. Today he has a post entitled: Marriage - There is no Alternative, where he examines the battle between feminist views of sexuality and the trend back toward abstinence. The abstinence view is being trumpeted by Dawn Eden in The Thrill of the Chaste: Finding Fulfillment While Keeping Your Clothes On. Of course any view toward abstinence and anything that looks like a biblical view of sexuality is going to be cannon fodder for feminist warriors.

From the Mohler post: "Writing in the current issue of The Nation, Nona Willis-Aronowitz suggests that these movements are efforts to turn back the achievements of the feminist movement and, at the same time, prove that feminism has not "finished its job. . . . The most interesting part of Willis-Aronowitz's critique is her assessment that feminism has thus far failed in a central task -- that of providing a genuine alternative to marriage. Citing feminist theorist Ariel Levy, she argues:

The culture has not yet carved out a space for women to indulge their own fantasies rather than to fulfill those of men. Feminism has not finished its job; a version of nonmushy, nonmarital sex that makes women feel good about themselves is still hard to achieve."

I find it interesting that the goal of feminism is a progression that is able to be labeled unfinished. In other words, there is a deliberate, strategic method to the madness of feminism. The feminists have an end goal in mind, and while there may be some internal disagreements, by and large they'll know when they've achieved it. It is similar to any other "ism." Move away from, or systematically tear down what currently is - and build a new reality in the image of the movement. This is the exact method that communism utilizes.

Of course, the problem arises with those who kind of like the reality that is real, and don't want an artificial reality created for them. In other words, not everyone is a feminist, and not everyone is crazy about the bold, new world feminists are striving to give birth to (they have to give birth to something, otherwise their "maternal instinct" would go unfulfilled).

In communism, such stuck in the mud traditionalists would be ground under the wheels of the revolution, never to be heard from again. If not in power, the communists would just continue to do their little parts at a small level to tear down the current structures, until they could squeeze or murder their way into power. They would watch and wait, using every means available to bring about their vision. The vision lives on, regardless of setbacks.

Feminism is just as dangerous as communism in that regard. Feminists will continue their hatred of biblical ethics. They will continue to cry for the freedom to overthrow morality, law, and babies in the name of "nonmushy, nonmarital sex that makes women fell good about themselves." When not in power, they'll continue to write, and argue, and attack to gain the smallest bits of philosophical ground they can manage. It's up to Christians to walk clear of their rhetoric and humanistic ideals.

The psalmist said it best in describing the nation, peoples, and kings of the earth. "Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us" (Psalm 2:3). Make no mistake, that is the goal of feminism. Ultimately, it is not man they want to overthrow. It is God. Christians must fight fiercely the battle of the mind that frees them from the plausible arguments of feminism.

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