Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Anxious Marriage Revisited

In "The Anxious Marriage" post, I put forward the argument that we must fight the tendency to treat marriage as the central reality of life. Marriage exists to advance the agenda of God. So married people must deliberately figure out how that will look in their lives. I gave the following illustration:
Jim and Judy recently moved into a new neighborhood. The church they've started attending is big on building new friendships as a way of reaching out with the gospel. Judy has a strong desire to reach out to their new neighbors and build relationships. But every time she mentions inviting a new couple over for dinner, Jim complains about how drained his new job is making him. He'd rather wait till they get a little more "settled in" before making new friends.
What should Judy do in response to Jim's attitude? Should she confront Jim? Should she invite some neighbors over in spite of Jim's opposition? Is Jim hindering Judy's godliness?

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