Thursday, November 22, 2007

Give Thanks

While you're sitting in your Lazy Boy watching football today, look out into the kitchen and thank God for the wife he gave you. While you're slaving over a hot stove all morning, glance into the living room where your husband is napping in the Lazy Boy, and thank God for him. Remember that it is a gift of grace that you are not suffering from the most profound sense of isolation and despair. God has blessed you with a companion. He may not be the one you'd create for yourself. She may not be the one you thought you were getting. But you are blessed nonetheless.


Antonio Romano said...

Or, she may be more than you deserve and could ever dream for yourself....and you should give thanks that God keeps pouring His grace down on you in buckets.

Anonymous said... hubby doesn't watch much football, and this year I didn't slave over the hot stove..BUT..I looked around at a house full of "Livingstons" , as well as my husband and was EXTREMELY GRATEFUL. Thank you for bringing my daughter and all the kids (okay, and to see me for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed the visit more than words can say. (Especially when I "frolicked."ha ha ha) Love you dearly.

Anonymous said...

Kenny says thank you for coming too, and that he extrememly enjoyed ya'll visiting.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the wife that has taken care of me this past week, while she was also sick. She is definitely suffering for the sake of Christ by putting up with me.