Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Humble Musing Worth Reading

I would recommend folks to check out this good blog post that has inspired many comments.


bauerpower said...

What I understood the blog to say was that women shouldn't aspire to reach "the highest calling" of being a wife and mother because the bible simply doesn't teach that. While that is true, I think that if a woman becomes a mother, the bible does teach that it is the BEST thing for the child for the mother to be the main caregiver and teacher. The BEST thing, not the ONLY thing. There are many different circumstances that could keep this from happening: widowed, divorced, unmarried, no extended family, to name a few. What is the condition of the hearts of mothers today? And most important, God can, and will, use anyone whom He choses/designs to accomplish His will.

bauerpower said...

I was going to post a duplicate comment on her blog, but when I had a chance to read through 60ish of the 215 comments, I decided several people, including Amy in subsequent blog entries, had pretty much said what I was trying to get across. I will have to put her blog on my read list. Thanks for the link!

DL said...

You're welcome, and I agree with your first comment. If a woman becomes a mother, she has effectively "closed in" some of her options in the same way that buying a house may keep one from moving to a different city.