Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pursuit of Pleasure Marriage Retreat

Tomorrow and Saturday, I will be leading a Pursuit of Pleasure marriage retreat for a church in Anderson, Indiana. Please pray that God would work mightily, not just to give people a different way of thinking about marriage, but maybe even a whole new way of looking at life. Though everyone is a hedonist by nature, not everyone knows they are. When Christians are awakened to the blessed reality that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him, and when the Gospel is the defining principle of our lives, then our marriages can't help but be affected. I can't wait to report back on how it goes. I learn more myself with each one I lead. Until then, ponder this mind-blowing statement from John Piper's new book, Spectacular Sins. "Evil is anything and everything opposed to the fullest display of the glory of Christ. That's the meaning of evil." Have you ever read anything so Christ-centered in all your life? Applied to marriage - evil is anything and everything in our marriages that is opposed to the fullest display of the glory of Christ. In other words, to the extent that some aspect of our marriage isn't offering to God the highest regard for the glory of Christ, then that aspect of our marriage is at least partially evil. Thank God for Jesus Christ our Lord!


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Praying for God's mighty work in renewing marriages and that spouses may learn new ways to live out the gospel that will brings much glory to Christ!


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when is it coming to our church? can't be to soon!