Thursday, March 5, 2009

Should Boys Wrestle Girls?

John Piper says no, and rightly so.


JanAl said...

Again....What are people thinking?
This doesn't apply to married couples, right?
When Cleyo irritates me, I like to tackle, and really, I think he provokes it on purpose! lol!

danny2 said...

i'm not totally sure boys should wrestle with boys.

but i'm a basketball junkie

Jenny said...

On a personal note::: always,
When I was young, I was the ultimate tom boy. I wrested with my boy friends... I wish I would have been shown different. The boys of coarse grabbed and took advantage of a "good situation." Honestly, how do you teach a tom boy girl that wrestling is not appropriate. My parents would try and explain things to me, well my mom would. Maybe this is the key, had my dad talked more openly with me... maybe this is the whole key...DAD. My mother would talk to me, but my dad...well. I would say that the dads need to be more personal with both their son's and their daughters.
I am not blaming my dad, he did the best he could, but if he would have been more involved personally with me. What a thought...