Friday, May 16, 2008

How Many Moons Orbit the Planet California?

Albert Mohler has written a great article (as though he could write something other) on the California supreme court's absurd ruling concerning marriage. The ruling calls marriage a "fundamental right" but obviously leaves the definition of marriage open. What if we left other social conventions up to private definition? Who says what the word "consenting" means when it comes to sexuality? Who gets to decide the definition of impoverished when it comes to filing for welfare benefits? Who gets to decide what children are? (Oh, I forgot, the mother gets to decide whether she's carrying a "baby" or some bit of nondescript tissue). Isn't it fascinating that only in the areas of abortion and marriage are we so peculiar in playing word games. Murder is murder in every state. So is theft. But some laws are just not closed to interpretation. Oh well, enough rambling. I just have one final question. How many moons orbit the planet California?

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Anonymous said...

7 moons and a lot of big heads